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From Hospitality Industry to Software Testing

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Kati has graduated from two tourism schools and worked in the tourism industry throughout her whole career. Before applying to the Work In Tech program she had been at home for almost 5 years. She was raising two small children and had taken a complete career break.

During these five years, she felt that she does not wish to continue in the hospitality sector.

"I was really torn between what I would like to do but I knew it was not working in Tourism or Hospitality anymore. I finished even two different accounting courses to understand what to choose as a new career path. At the same time, working with computers and technology has always interested me to some degree and never scared me. When I saw the ad that women were offered the opportunity to do something so exciting, I didn't doubt for a moment and knew that this course was meant for me."

During the Work In Tech program, Kati completed two courses - "IT support" and "Data analysis". At some point during the program, she realized that testing could be a career for her - so she took a separate practical course in software testing.

To the question about what were the main challenges during the program, Kati replies that she struggled with finding an internship and/or a job in the beginning. However, thanks to the support from the program, she was able to get a real job instead of an internship. "Since job advertisements were constantly distributed within the course, and I grabbed one of them, I immediately got a job offer instead of an internship.

Today she is very pleased with her job. "I started working as a Software Tester - my everyday work includes working with developers in a project that develops software products (websites)." Kati has been working in that role now for four months and has not for a single day felt that this work is not for her. To the question of where Kati sees herself working in 2, 5 and 10 years, she replies: "2 years - Test Lead 5 years - Software Developer 10 years - Shareholder of IT company."

"During the Work In Tech program, I have learned about myself and understood what interests me and what I probably want to devote the rest of my life to. A career in IT has opened doors and opportunities for me to test my skills and work in a completely new field that I never expected to find myself in."

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