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Work In Tech: Summer IT Crash Course

During this course, 150 residents in Estonia will:

  • get FREE access to an online course developed by Google and Coursera to develop skills that enable starting a career in IT (6 specializations available)

  • develop a network among the local community of learners

  • get a chance to start from a junior IT role or progress in their current career using freshly acquired IT skills.


The application is open until 30.06 (midnight)

Short Description:

Price: FREE

Language: English

Application criteria: no previous IT-related job or learning experience required, just a motivation to start a career in IT or combine the new skills to make progress in existing career

Course structure: independent learning in Coursera in ONE of the six specializations:

- Data Analytics (180h),

- Python (115h),

- UX (240h),

- Project management (160h),

E-Commerce (170h),  

- Cyber Security (150h)

Course description

During the program learners will get access to a free e-course in Coursera. learners can choose one specialization and the selection cannot be changed after being accepted to the program.  It takes approximately 150-220 independent learning hours to finish the e-course. Learners can choose their own time and speed for finishing the course, however, we expect an average speed of 1 month = 2 topics to be finished on time (by the end of December latest).

There will a Slack group dedicated to all learners. Learners can share experiences there, find other learners who study similar topic with, organize peer learning, ask questions about difficult assignments, etc. 


No learning contract will be made between the learners an us. However, learners are required to be active in Coursera. We except finishing each topic within the course within one month. If learners do not finish any topic within two months or do not visit Coursera for more than 30 days, learners will be removed and the licence will be passed forward to someone in the waiting list. 

Criteria for candidates

The program accepts applications from candidates, who have:

- a strong desire and motivation to start a career in IT

- ability to dedicate approximately 12 hours per week for studies

- basic IT skills (to search for information in web, use ready made applications, etc)

- a level of English that enables studying and communicating in English

- a previous specialization in some other field or at least 3 years of working experience after high-school.

How to apply?

To apply to the program, go to the online form in Google Forms, and provide us:

- your contact details

- link to your LinkedIn profile (if you do not have it, then now it is the time to do it ;))

- a motivation letter, where you explain your motivation and thrive to start working in the IT field, as well as your capabilities & resources for fulfilling the course criteria

- an answer to a practical exercise (you will learn more about it from the application form)

Criterias for passing the program

After finishing the specialization at Coursera - learners will get a ceritificate from Coursera indicating the finalization of studies.

More information

A letter of acceptance can be expected in the beginning of July.

Those who will not get accepted will be put to waiting list (without asking or sending a confirmation about it). 

There is additional information on the application form. If you still have questions after reading it carefully, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Facebook

Program is supported by

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