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Smartwork Academy

We help you transition from 0 to IT.

The story:

Smartwork Academy is part of Smartwork Association - an NGO, that has been active for 15 years in Estonia.  Smartwork Association’s mission is to promote job market flexibility, diversity, and inclusiveness. Smartwork Association is active in three streams:

- research & projects (new ways of working, remote work, virtual teamwork, etc)

- supporting organizations to adapt to the new ways of working (consultations, seminars, Remote Working Badge, etc)

- training individuals (IT skills, virtual teamworking skills, etc)

Smartwork Academy grew out of Smartwork Association's training activities aimed at individuals. At the end of 2022 we saw that we have many programs in the pipeline, thus it made sense to keep track on these activities separately. Therefore, we built a new website to gather all information regards future training opportunities into one place.

Since our team member Sirja has good contacts in Finland, we decided to expand our activities overseas - to allow our nordic neighbours to take part of the benefits offered through our trainings. Also, we believe that the benefits are mutual - since we can learn and grow together with our nordic learners, as we have grown together with our Estonian learners.

Website of the association:

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