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From physiotherapist to project manager in 10 months

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Meet Annika, who studied to be a physiotherapist and always thought this would be her career for life. Though after five years in the field, she felt that working in the rehabilitation field has become monotonous and tedious.

Annika was looking for opportunities to relocate into the technology field. As our program is online, it was perfect for her: at that point, she was at home with her second baby.

She didn’t know anything about IT, so she considered IT support as a great way to start - many topics covered in five modules. Also, as she was considering becoming an IT project manager, she thought it was best to start from the roots.

She learned about our program a bit later and thus got the opportunity to join in July with a precondition of working hard to follow up with other students who had started in March. She managed to finish IT support in about 1,5 months, so she proved herself as extremely motivated and with high self-discipline. After IT Support, she also completed the project management course offered by our program.

Due to starting later, it was hard for Annika to motivate herself to learn independently. Luckily, she found support in our program communities. It was comforting to be in touch with others who have the same type of difficulties (motivation, tasks, etc.).

Annika found an internship as a business analyst at LHV (Estonian bank). After internship she found a way to tie her previous expertise and new knowledge together by starting as a project manager at Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Before our program, she thought that her career would always be in physiotherapy, but thanks to our program and her recent internship, she has learned that you need to try things to find out what else in life you may like.

Learn more about the upcoming programs such as "Work In Tech", from our website.

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